Our Performance-Based Method

We take the focus off of your limitations and guide you back to hope and the expectation that your body will once again be your ally in the activities you have always loved.


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Physical Therapy

From the first physical therapy session, we will use our proprietary Reavy Method® developed by founder David Reavy to release muscle restrictions, activate your muscles, and get you better. We will find the cause of your pain and treat the site of your injury by using the Reavy Method®.

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Performance Therapy

Performance therapy was created from our clinical experience with athletes. We use manual therapy and training to help your body perform to create more explosiveness and more power.

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RMx Group Exercise

In our group exercise sessions, we break you down (in a good way) to build you back up correctly. Our goal is to get you a balanced body. We create mobility, then stability, then strength, and finally power.

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Body Engineering

React Physical Therapy created an intelligent strength and conditioning training program created to address your body’s restrictions and imbalances, freeing you to fulfill your athletic potential.

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Athlete Training

React Physical Therapy Certified Athletic Trainers are your sideline support. Our athletic trainers make sure your players stay strong, healthy, and safe.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy at React Physical Therapy is both therapeutic and clinical. It is specific, thoughtful, and guided with your recovery as our sole focus. Our anatomy-based massage therapies include deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial, and sports massage.

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