4 Quick Tips to Help You Meet your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

4 Quick Tips Blog Post

January 2023! January brings a freshness and excitement of what can be accomplished in the coming year. New Years Resolutions allow you to shoot for the stars and try to make changes in your life for the better, whether that be physically, mentally, financially, ect. Unfortunately, most of those changes that people are looking for do not happen overnight. Everyone has experienced how quickly the motivation can disappear.  Life gets busy, priorities change, and then the goals that we once had seem like a distant memory. How can we stick with these goals and make it more attainable to achieve?  Here are a few ideas when it comes to going to physical activity, but these concepts can be used in many other aspects of life: 

  1. Break up big goals into bite size pieces
    1. Setting manageable/reasonable goals is key to getting the ball rolling. Set big goals, but then work backwards to set more manageable goals to help get you to the end goal. If your goal is to “be healthy” or “loose X amount of weight”, try focusing on increasing your water intake or improving your sleep quality. These smaller goals will be the foundation and help create the lifelong habits you will use to achieve your greater goal.
  2. Focus on the consistency, rather than the intensity at first
    1. People are always eager to start working towards their goals, giving 100%! Which is awesome! However, it is hard to keep that intensity up for an extended period of time. Motivation comes and goes and then people become discouraged when they fail to reach their goal. Starting small and consistent allows for you to build momentum and get the ball rolling to create long lasting habits. 
  3. Do things that are fun, that you enjoy
    1. When it comes to going to the gym or physical activity, a good place to start is with activities that you enjoy. Focus on mastering certain aspects or skills and continue to push yourself to the next level. Whether it is running, walking outside in nature, lifting weights, Peloton, CrossFit, ect, you will be much more likely to stick with things that you enjoy. 
  4. Accountability Partners
    1. Doing hard things becomes easier when you do it with others! You could start working out with friends, join a running group, attend group classes, or work with a personal trainer to help reach your goals. A strong community helps with motivation, accountability, and overall enjoyment. 

These are a few ideas that you can start implementing to start 2023 with a bang and continue it all year long!