5 Tips to Meet Your Step Goals

JacksonWalking (1)

Humans were built to move frequently throughout the day, not just cramming all our movement into a 30–60-minute exercise session.  In addition to a regular exercise routine, you should have a daily step goal.  Averaging 8,000-12,000 steps per day is associated with a lower risk for all-cause mortality (per CDC).  It is also a safe and effective activity to maintain cardiovascular health. 

Your step goal does not have to start with the recommended 8,000-12,000 steps per day.  It can be below or above depending on your current activity levels.  Set a step goal that is realistic if you do not average 8,000+ per day and try to gradually increase that goal.  

Tips to get more steps:

  1. Crummy weather?  Go to a mall or store to take your power walks
  2. Utilize taking the stairs instead of elevators or escalators
  3. Park your car in the back of the parking lot so you must walk further to your desired location
  4. Set reminders for when you’ve been sitting for more than 30-60 minutes to stand up and take a short walk
  5. Strive to take 10–30-minute power walks throughout the day – Dogs make great walking companions!