6 Benefits of Resistance Band Exercises


There are lots of benefits of using resistance bands for exercising.  Michele Schultz, PT, DPT shares some of her top benefits for this simple yet versatile exercise equipment.

  1. Easy on the joints: Resistance band exercises are very much like traditional weight-bearing exercises except that they engage more of the body with each exercise. The smooth and constant tension is much better for your joints and even helps strengthen your joints (when done with consistency).
  2. Increase strength evenly: If you want to ensure symmetrical movements, resistance bands have your back (and core, and arms). Resistance band exercises increase strength evenly, both concentrically and eccentrically (meaning when you contract and release/relax), so your muscles are strong and more pliable, and less injury-prone.
  3. Builds muscle: Resistance bands may look flimsy, but do NOT be fooled—they can help you build some serious muscle. You can build muscle mass using resistance bands by increasing the tension and doing fewer reps. You can also incorporate cardio more easily than with weights.
  4. Travel friendly: You may not be doing a ton of traveling at the moment, but when you do, resistance bands make a great companion. You literally need no other equipment. Stuff them in your luggage or throw them in your backpack!
  5. Versatile: You can do just about every gym movement from the comfort of your own home—working your glutes, quads, chest, back, arms, and abs, all with a good set of bands.
  6. Great for all fitness levels: Whether you are starting to get into a fitness flow or you are a total fitness fanatic, resistance bands are great for folks at all fitness levels as they vary in the range of resistances. The variety of bright colors makes it easy to identify different thicknesses/difficulties.