A Partner Workout: Challenging and Fun


A great routine designed for you and a partner! There is no doubt that working out results in feeling more productive, and accomplished and provides our bodies with energy, but what if we could amplify that response by having some fun adding in a partner? This is a workout routine that is designed with fun in mind! Try out these 6 exercises with your partner.

Recommended for completion, 3 Rounds of 45 Seconds Per Exercise!!

Alternate Sit-Up

Facing feet to feet, alternate passing a weight between you and your partner while performing sit-ups

High Plank + High Five

Facing head to head, perform a high plank while alternating to a single-arm plank to high-five your partner

Around the World Partner

Stand back to back, pass a weight from side to side with your partner (don’t forget to go both ways)

Wall Sit Pass

Perform a wall sit while passing a weight back and forth with your partner

Alternate Burpee to Squat Hold

One partner performs a burpee while the other partner holds a squat

Leg Holds

Lay down at your partner’s feet and hold onto their ankles, then bring your legs up to 90 degrees and have your partner push your legs down; make sure to contract your core!