Addressing Golf’s Physical Demands Through Physical Therapy

Golf Mobility

Are you including any golf-specific exercises in your winter workouts?

Golf has many physical demands that can be addressed in the gym with exercises specific to the requirements of the sport. Two of those physical components include the ability to hinge at the hips and rotate at the hips. Why not target both at once with these double leg kettlebell hip hinge rotations?

As Happy Gilmore would say, “It’s all in the hips”.

The best golfers in the world know how to utilize their hips in order to create rotational power, swing speed, and consistent swing mechanics. You must have adequate mobility, and the ability to control hip rotation in a golf-specific stance to have it transferred to your game.

Ball on wall rotation is one of my favorite drills to improve hip rotation in golfers. To perform it properly, you must push your trail leg’s cheek into the ball in the backswing, and then your lead leg’s cheek into the ball on the downswing. This teaches us to rotate without unnecessary movement from side to side, which can be a swing mechanics nightmare.

To check if you have adequate hip mobility and control, come in to see one of our many TPI golf providers for a comprehensive golf-specific evaluation.

Movement Preperation: Golf Warmup

The 3-way lunge is a commonly prescribed exercise among our clinicians. Its many benefits allow this exercise to be applied to a multitude of patient injuries. Some of its benefits include spine mobility, lower body stability, and hip hinge movement preparation. The 3-way lunge can be used as movement preparation/warm-up for sports including golf, tennis, running, basketball, baseball, and more. 

The offseason is the perfect time to address physical limitations holding your game back! If you are a golfer that is looking to improve your swing by identifying any physical limitations, then look no further. One of our TPI golf-specific providers at Deerfield, Wilmette and Chicago- Lincoln Park, can provide a comprehensive evaluation with your game at the forefront.