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Ottawa Rule
Have you sprained your ankle so bad that it hurts or is bruised so badly that you aren’t sure whether you
Back Strengthening (1)
Answers to your common questions about PT from a physical therapist.  A common question most new patients want to know is,
PT Blog
Have you often wondered what a physical therapist does? Well, you are not alone as this is the case with a
Ankle Sprain 2 (1)
In this continuation from my previous post outlining the potential need for an x-ray after an ankle sprain, I will demonstrate
Ankle Sprain (2)
Have you ever sprained your ankle and wondered what you should do? Do you need to go to the ER and
Sciatic Nerve Pain (1)
As promised, here is a follow up in our low back pain series. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the
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