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How to Start Running Today (1)
As simple as running may seem, there’s more to it than putting one foot in front of the other.  Running is
Smoking and musculoskeletal healing
Did you know that smoking not only affects your lungs and cardiovascular system but your musculoskeletal system, too? 🚭   Smoking
Running in snow blog
🏃🏾Adjust your stride. A shorter stride will give you more control and may avoid pain/injury if you happen to slip. 👣
Shoveling (1)
Every year on the first heavy snowfall, thousands of committed citizens dust off the shovel and proceed to perform an intense
Female Athlete Triad
The Female Athlete Triad is a term for a group of three conditions that commonly occur together, especially prevalent in young
josh 7
Have you ever woken up with a completely numb hand or arm? Chances are that you were sleeping in a position
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