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Gardening (1)
Spring is in the air and if you are like me and enjoy gardening, don’t miss out on these simple exercises
BFR (1)
We are excited to announce that we now offer our React Physical Therapy patients Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation (PBFR) when
Thanksgiving Turkey (1)
Many people are looking forward to their Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. You may also be wondering if eating turkey
Nordic Hamstring Curl
Football season is in the air and with the start of any sports season, we hear news about injuries. Unfortunately, hamstring
BeFunky-design (10)
The deadlift exercise is a full-body exercise that recruits many large and small muscle groups. Doing a proper deadlift can recruit
Sitting Blog (2)
If you have done more virtual hangouts recently you might have also noticed increased stiffness in your spine and possibly changes
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