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Come early: It gives you time to get settled and even better, to get a little warmed up first. All of
Lifting Weight
Lifting weight is an efficient way to improve overall performance: it can help make you run faster, jump higher, allow you
TMJ Horizontal
Jaw pain can be unbearably debilitating. Imagine: you have knee pain. You may be able to avoid activities that aggravate the
Knee Wraps Horizontal
Why not to wrap your knees: Wrapping your knee increases the pressure between the patella (the kneecap) and the femur (the
High Ankle
Jerry Jeudy, Dalvin Cook, we’ve seen a lot of nasty high ankle injuries already this season.  How does a high ankle
Missy- Bike
Is the outside of your knee screaming at you after (or worse, during) cycling? The IT band can experience friction as
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