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Student PT
If you've ever been to a physical therapy clinic, you may have encountered a student working alongside the physical therapist you came to see. What does this mean for your treatment and what is the role of the student PT?
Clam Plank
Do you feel like your inner thigh/groin muscles are always tightening up when you run or lift? This is sometimes caused
4 Quick Tips Blog Post
January 2023! January brings a freshness and excitement of what can be accomplished in the coming year. New Years Resolutions allow
We are excited to announce our new React Physical Therapy Lincoln Park care team! Our current West Loop staff began to treat
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We are excited to announce your new care team at React Physical Therapy Lincoln Park! Meet our team of talented and veteran
Join us at the Mercy Mile on Sunday, October 9th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the ultimate 2022 Bank
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