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Student PT
If you've ever been to a physical therapy clinic, you may have encountered a student working alongside the physical therapist you came to see. What does this mean for your treatment and what is the role of the student PT?
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If you’re feeling a little down or unmotivated, you might have lowered levels of dopamine! What is dopamine? Dopamine is a
BeFunky-design (4)
Opioids are usually prescribed for chronic pain. Amid the opioid epidemic, it’s now known that opioid use is associated with dangerous
Glutes (1)
Want to get the most out of your glutes? Then practice training in positions that place your hip in end ranges
Tyler Spine Flexion
Spine flexion/bending forward, some fear it but we’re here to tell you it is SAFE to do! “Lifting with a neutral
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