Biomechanical Insights: Knee

Biomechanical Insights_ Knee_Moment

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony Abbonato, PT, DPT, I’m here with React Physical Therapy and we’re going to talk a little bit about some biomechanical insights for the knee. Most people think about the knee as just bending and straightening but the interesting thing about this joint is there’s actually some rotation to it.

Most people don’t realize that there’s rotation to the shin bone on the thigh bone. This is one of the things that we look at when we’re assessing how your leg moves because it’s really important for doing motions like squatting, standing up from a chair, going up and down the stairs. Assessing this joint mobility of rotation is really important and it can make an impact on your biomechanics at the hip and the ankles so it’s really important to look at this aspect of the knee in addition to how well it straightens and bends.

This is just one insight into some of the things we look at as physical therapists. If you have pain of any kind, whether that be back pain, hip pain, knee pain, or ankle pain, we’re gonna look at all of these. So go ahead and give us a call if you have any pain and we’ll check it out.

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