Back Pain

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Got back pain? If you do, you are among the almost 80% of American people who experience back pain at some
Most people attribute their pain to their neck or their low back, forgetting the important section of their spine in the
While surgery used to be the primary course of treatment, research suggests that surgery is no longer the only viable option. In fact, recent studies suggest that physical therapy and exercise can be very effective in treating low back pain.
Low back pain can come from a wide variety of places, including muscle strains and overuse, poor posture, poor sitting or sleeping surfaces, compensation for weakness or stiffness, spinal stenosis, arthritis, and disk degeneration or herniation. Oftentimes it’s some combination of all of the above.
This article explains the importance of mobilizing the thoracic spine and how to do so using a foam roller.
The following exercises focus on releasing muscles in problem areas that may cause lower back pain.
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