Hip Drop
Among the most common things we see in runners who have knee, hip, low back, and foot pain is known as
Hip Pointer Football
A “hip pointer” can be common in contact sports, especially in football. It is described as “a contusion of the iliac
Hip Mobility
Hip mobility is one of the most important components of a successful golf swing and to the longevity of your game.
Hip Hinge
The hip hinge! The hip hinge is one of the most important concepts to grasp when beginning to learn the starting position of a golf swing.
Womens Health
The long 9-month road of pregnancy will undoubtedly lead to a woman developing all different aches and pains. One big complaint heard in the clinic
Studies have shown that weakness in the hips have a direct corrrelation with knee pain, shin pain, hip pain, ankle pain, and low back pain. Restrictions in the hips can even be responsible for shoulder and elbow pain!