Lower Body

The first and foremost way for athletes to develop their balance is through dynamic stretching, requiring full-body movement. It is more
Rachel Bridge
The glutes are a very important muscle for our daily movements including standing up, walking, and going up and downstairs. The
Do you have chronically tight hamstrings? Have you tried stretching them constantly with no improvements? In this case, your hamstrings might not actually be
thumbnail_Dynamic knee valgus
Achilles Tendon Pain: The calf consists of two muscles, the gastrocnemius, and soleus, that attach to our heel bones through the
High Ankle
Jerry Jeudy, Dalvin Cook, we’ve seen a lot of nasty high ankle injuries already this season.  How does a high ankle
Do you suffer from acute hamstring pain? Do you have pain in your hamstring with walking, knee bending, or even to
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