Lower Body

Hip Hinge
The hip hinge: Arguably one of the most important movements to learn to do well. It’s the “lift with your legs,
Flat Feet YT (1)
If you are experiencing flat feet when weight-bearing, then try these exercises to help strengthen and correct the arches of your
Feet YT
The feet play a huge role in determining how your body functions. When we perform any kind of weight-bearing activity (e.g.
Hip Pain (3)
Do you frequently experience pain in the front of your hip? Do you sit for hours at a time throughout the
Deep Neck Flexor Muscle
The majority of people who suffer from neck injuries and/or pain will have some type of weakness or dysfunction within the
Hip Pointer Football
A “hip pointer” can be common in contact sports, especially in football. It is described as “a contusion of the iliac
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