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Clam Plank
Do you feel like your inner thigh/groin muscles are always tightening up when you run or lift? This is sometimes caused
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When attending physical therapy, you enter a world of rehab aides, office coordinators, and therapists: the ones that treat you. Physical
A great routine designed for you and a partner! There is no doubt that working out results in feeling more productive,
4 Quick Tips Blog Post
January 2023! January brings a freshness and excitement of what can be accomplished in the coming year. New Years Resolutions allow
Shoveling Blog Post
Snow can be a pretty sight in the winter, but it can also mean a lot of hard work outside shoveling.
When jogging, your knee joint takes a force of ~3.6-4.2X your body weight, meaning if you weigh 175lbs there is a
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