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Constipation. Bet you didn’t think this was something you could go to Physical Therapy for.  Am I really about to talk
POP (1)
Pelvic Organ Prolapse. What sounds like a biology project gone awry is just another awkward, uncomfortable — but not uncommon —
Pelvic Pain (1)
Have you experienced mysterious hip, low back, or pelvic pain that won’t seem to go away? You’ve tried every stretch known
Do you ever have a severe abdominal, low back, or pelvic pain right around your period that seems like it’s way
Post Pregnancy Walk
Congrats your precious bundle of joy has made his/her arrival! As the saying goes, “It’s all downhill from here” may not
Womens Health
The long 9-month road of pregnancy will undoubtedly lead to a woman developing all different aches and pains. One big complaint heard in the clinic
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