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What to expect blog PF
Have you been putting off making an appointment for pelvic floor PT because you’re not sure what to expect? Yes, it
Constipation. Bet you didn’t think this was something you could go to Physical Therapy for.  Book an Appointment Am I really
POP (1)
Pelvic Organ Prolapse. What sounds like a biology project gone awry is just another awkward, uncomfortable — but not uncommon —
Pelvic Pain (1)
Have you experienced mysterious hip, low back, or pelvic pain that won’t seem to go away? You’ve tried every stretch known
Do you ever have a severe abdominal, low back, or pelvic pain right around your period that seems like it’s way
Post Pregnancy Walk
Congrats your precious bundle of joy has made his/her arrival! As the saying goes, “It’s all downhill from here” may not
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