5 Tips for Running in Cold Weather


I am a fair-weather runner. When the mercury slips below 35 or 40, I lace up indoors and do treadmill training, yoga, and HIIT to keep my cardio up and work on my non-running balance, strength, and mobility. But February fluctuates in its high and low temperatures, teasing us with warm weather if only for a day. We are reminded how exhilarating exercising outside can be. If you’re too excited to stay inside, here are some tips to keep in mind for cold weather running.
1. Hydration still counts when it’s cold. Just because you’re not sweating your butt off doesn’t mean you don’t need to replace lost fluids. If you’re not thirsty when you’re outside, make sure you drink up before and after.
2. Wear layers of synthetic clothing with adequate ventilation. Breathable layers help you regulate your body temperature.
3. Get good cold-weather shoes. They should be waterproof and have adequate traction. Consider Yaktraks if it’s particularly snowy. Don’t run on ice.
4. Remember: it gets light late and dark early. Wear high contrast and reflective clothing, and consider a flashing light like bicycles use. Cars are struggling with traction and snowy, smeary windows, so don’t count on drivers to see you. Keep yourself safe.
5. Listen to your mother, and keep your head and hands covered. Frostbite can sneak up easily when you’re enjoying your run. Just like the rest of your body, wear layers of wicking fabrics.
Enjoy your run! I’ll meet you out there when it’s warmer.