Common Home Workout Mistakes 

Common Workout Mistakes

This new era of fitness under quarantine has forced us to get creative and has challenged us to stay in shape all while staying within the confines of our homes. With this, however, there are some common mistakes that even I have been making.

Here are some of these mistakes and ways that we can fix them!

Get creative, but not too creative

Don’t panic if you cannot get your hands on a set of dumbbells or ankle weights. Many movements can be done with things such as water bottles, towels, and even your favorite bottle of champagne that has been sitting around for months. Keep it simple!

Doing too much

The internet is saturated with workout content and as a result, many people become overwhelmed and end up doing two different workouts a day and follow 10 different trainers to avoid that ~quarantine 15~. Find 2-3 instructors instead and create a schedule of workouts. Avoid overtraining! Rest days are key to recovery and building lean muscle.

Not reaching out

No longer able to go to the gym and workout with your gym buddies? Many of us relied on these people to hold us accountable, but once quarantine hit, we may have stopped using these friends to motivate us. Get a group of friends together and join a group zoom or IG workout! Having that sense of community is important and seeing your friends’ faces and working out together will keep you motivated and connected!