Don’t Sleep on Walking!

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For many people, it’s not easy to go straight to running—it’s a high-intensity activity with repetitive pounding on our bodies (think of it as a series of many small jumps)! Before transitioning to running, it’s important to build up a foundation of strength. If your muscles are not strong enough and aren’t supporting you properly with each step, it may lead to pain or long-term issues.

That’s where walking comes in. Walking works your cardiovascular system and is a great way to exercise while you get stronger at the gym or in your home. It also puts less stress on your body, as there’s always at least one-foot making contact with the ground.

Once you’re ready to start running, it’s smart to ease into it with the use of run-walks. Run-walks put less pressure on the body than straight-up runs, making exercise less stressful, both mentally and physically, and making recovery faster.

Don’t underestimate walking! If you would like some guidance with a return-to-run program, whether or not you have pain, talk to a React physical therapist. WALK-ins are welcome but appointments are preferred to ensure we have availability.

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