Kick off the Healing Process for Your Hamstring

Do you suffer from acute hamstring pain? Do you have pain in your hamstring with walking, knee bending, or even to the touch? You might have a hamstring strain. 
Strains, or “pulled muscles”, often result from an overstretched muscle or tendon (tendons attach muscle to bone). More severe injuries may involve partial or even complete tears of these tissues.
Hamstring strains have a high reinjury rate, with the greatest incidence of reinjury 2 weeks following return to sport or activity. This could be due to an inadequate rehab program, premature return to sport or activity, or a combination of both. It’s best to seek advice from a professional, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your nearest React PT team to get a consultation!

In the meantime, try this exercise program to kick off the healing process without further injury.

But first…
  1. Stop stretching your hamstring! This could further irritate the tissue. 
  2. Stop the activity that caused pain in the first place (e.g. running).
  1. Stationary bike x 10 min
  2. Side-step x 10 m, 3 x 1 min, low to moderate intensity, pain-free speed and stride
  3. Grapevine x 10 m, low to moderate intensity, pain-free speed and stride
  4. Fast feet stepping in place, 2 x 1 min
  5. Plank, 5 x 10 s
  6. Side plank, 5 x 10 s
  7. Bridge, 10 x 5 s
  8. Single-limb balance progressing from eyes open to closed, 4 x 20 s