Hip Pointer Injury

Hip Pointer Football

A “hip pointer” can be common in contact sports, especially in football. It is described as “a contusion of the iliac crest and/or greater trochanter of the femur following a direct impact or collision”. Direct contact impact on the hip can cause significant bruising in the area, and early steps would be all about pain control (icing, compression, anti-inflammatories, rest, etc.) As the pain lessens, the rehab process begins.

The rehab for a hip pointer can be tricky and like most contact injuries, the time it will take depends a lot on how much pain there is. As a PT, part of our focus would be on the soft tissue structures around the hip. Once a contact injury and a fracture are ruled out, our goal would be to keep that hip moving so that there is adequate blood flow to the injured area and promote healing as quickly as possible. Involved muscles here would likely be the glute medius/minimus, tensor fascia lata, sartorius, and possibly the abdominals. Myofascial release, muscle activation exercises, hip stabilization, and dynamic strengthening will be critical in being able to return to sport at 100% capacity. Even two weeks off from training can lead to a decrease in muscle mass, loss of ROM, and lack of proprioception. With this can come compensation and lead to even more issues.

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