How Long Will This Take?

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Answers to your common questions about PT from a physical therapist. 

A common question most new patients want to know is, “How long will this take?” or “How long do I have to be here?”

This is not a simple question nor a simple answer. There are a lot of variables that can contribute to this answer. Our job as physical therapists is to evaluate and assess the individual in front of us. We take a thorough history surrounding symptom presentation and how it is affecting your life. Through this history taking and assessment, we can establish a baseline which will allow us to reassess at each session to make sure your progress is on the right track. Since there a lot of factors that determine a length of treatment including mechanism of injury (how you got hurt), duration of injury (how long you have been dealing with the pain), activity level (level and frequency of exercise/activity), sleep, diet and nutrition, all of these factors can contribute to your progress.

Our jobs are here to support, facilitate and guide you through the best course of rehab to ensure we are making your body stronger and more resilient. We want to help you help yourselves rather than depend on us to “fix” you.