How to Manage Concussion Symptoms

Concussion (1)

Did you know that you can get physical therapy after a concussion (AKA mild traumatic brain injury)? At React Physical Therapy, we offer personalized treatment that has been found to help manage concussion symptoms to get you back to your prior self.

Treatment after concussions can include…

  • Manual therapy and massage to help with muscle tightness
  • Mobilizations to help with neck and upper back range of motion deficits
  • Gaze stabilization exercises to help with dizziness
  • Neck proprioception exercises to help you reset how your body perceives your neck’s orientation in space.
  • Strengthening exercises to bring more stability and support to the head and neck area

Concussions and their symptoms can be scary to manage but know that you can find the support and treatment you need at React Physical Therapy.