Is Your Posture Making You Weak?

Ws Banded

Many of us fall victim to poor posture during the workday. Our heads lean forward, our mid back hunches and our shoulders rotate inwards. As a result, this puts the muscles in your back and behind your shoulders in a lengthened position. When muscles are lengthened for prolonged periods of time and repeatedly each day, they become weak. 

A great way to prevent that weakness are face pulls or Ws.

This exercise will strengthen your posterior delts, rotator cuff and mid traps rhomboids (muscles between your shoulder blades). Perform the exercise as shown in Video Demonstration, starting with a band or light cable resistance, and stand with good posture.  Avoid hiking shoulder blades, arching low back and letting head thrust forward/clenching jaw. Perform 3sets 10-15x, with 1-2sec hold at end range. Progress weight or resistance gradually. If you suffer from shoulder pain, make sure you start with a difficulty that is pain free, even if that means no resistance at all!