Join the Mercy Home Heroes for the 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon


A Heroic Partnership
React Physical Therapy is proud to be an official partner of the Mercy Home Heroes team for the 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Heroes run on behalf of Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, a residential treatment home for children who have experienced abuse, homelessness, and neglect. As they kick their running into high gear, one of our goals is to make sure all Heroes make it to the starting line healthy!
Why Mercy Home?
Mercy Home is just blocks from our West Loop location, and we have supported their mission in a variety of ways, including collecting charitable donations and gifts for their children at Christmas time. Some of our employees even volunteer at Mercy Home. Once a week, Physical Therapy Aide Josh Warren spends an evening tutoring at Mercy Home and helping young men with their homework.
“I have a passion for teaching and working with kids,” Josh says. “I like how they (Mercy Home) are getting kids ready for the real world. I think a lot of kids don’t get that kind of guidance.”
How Do We Support Mercy Home Heroes?
Our staff assists the Heroes with their post-race recovery on race day. In addition, this year’s Heroes can take advantage of a free health screening with one of our physical therapists while they train for the marathon.

“The human body will always follow a path of least resistance,” React Physical Therapist Garrick Lim says. “If your body can perform an action more easily in a certain way, it will do it, despite whether that way is correct or not.”
“These are called musculoskeletal compensations. No matter how athletic/physically fit you are, training for a marathon places a lot of stress on the human body, thus facilitating the onset of these musculoskeletal compensations. Along the way, almost everyone is going to experience some type of pain, discomfort, or injury.”
A screening with React will evaluate and determine any weaknesses, limitations, imbalances, or deficits that a runner’s body may be experiencing. Each screen lasts 15-20 minutes and consists of the following:
–              A series of questions to get a brief history of the runner’s pain/discomfort/injury
–              Tests and measurements to determine the origin and cause of the runner’s pain/discomfort/injury
–              An explanation so the runner can understand how their body is working
–              A brief demonstration on our unique style of physical therapy
–              A brief consultation on whether the physical therapist recommends a course of physical therapy for the runner.
Along with these screenings, Heroes will have access to our videos that demonstrate different releases and warm-up exercises. Heroes who become patients will receive a free t-shirt and lacrosse ball, and 15% off other exercise equipment purchased at React.
Why Be A Hero?
Heroes use more than just their feet and knees to support the kids of Mercy Home – they raise crucial funds for the organization as well. Every dollar raised by the Heroes goes toward providing life-changing therapy sessions, meals, academic assistance, and most importantly, a safe place to live. Heroes are rewarded with a guaranteed entry into the Chicago Marathon.
We are excited to be the official partner of the Mercy Home Heroes team and look forward to helping them along their journey to the starting line!
To join the Mercy Home Heroes team at no cost, or for more information, please visit