Knee Pain Routine

Knee Pain Routine
Knee pain is a very common limiting factor in keeping up with training routines, whether it’s cardio or weightlifting. Most often, I see pain above the kneecap or at the outside of the knee; usually due to tightness within quads, or lack of co-contraction (teamwork) between your glutes and quads. Luckily, there are ways that can help keep this pain at bay by incorporating these 6 simple steps.
1️⃣ Release of Neuromuscular Trigger Points within Quadriceps and Glutes (45 sec each)
2️⃣ Gluteal and Quad stretching (2x 1 min holds)
3️⃣ Gluteal Activation (3x 10 sec holds)
4️⃣ Correctives (15-20)
5️⃣ Dynamic Strengthening (15-20)
6️⃣ Walk and/or Run!

By performing this routine in this order, you can achieve greater lengthening and activation of both your quads and glutes, which allows for more optimal mobility and stability of your lower extremity. As long as you are patient and consistent with this routine, you will find yourself getting back to full form a lot quicker!