Osteoporosis: Don’t Wait to Improve Your Bone Health

Osteo (2)

It’s probably not at the front of our mind when we’re in our 20s, but improving your bone mass now is actually really important. Did you know that bone density peaks around age 30?
There are age-related changes in bone density in all individuals, and peak bone mass is an important determinant in how your bones are going to hold up when you’re older.
Low calcium intake, poor nutrition (like being chronically underweight), and a sedentary lifestyle increase your risk of osteoporosis and the effects are cumulative, so work on your bones now to prevent problems later!
The good news is that exercise — at any age — will benefit your bone health no matter when you start. Weight-bearing exercises like walking, jogging, and stair climbing help the bones in your legs and lower spine.  Strength training exercises improve muscle tone, which improves bone strength, and helps bones in your upper body and upper spine. Improving your balance prevents falls, so work on that tree pose!