Physical Therapy: An Athlete’s Secret Weapon

Stay in the game (1)

With this year’s NFL season well underway, I believe everyone can agree that it has been like none other we have seen before. One thing that has stood out particularly with this season is the sheer number of injuries that have occurred during the first couple of weeks, ending multiple players’ seasons and jeopardizing the success of their particular teams.
When it comes to football, there are dozens of things happening within a split second on the field, and because of the repetitive nature and high impact demands of the sport, it is no wonder that so many players leave the field each week due to injury. However, like most things on the field, these injuries can be controlled.
Specific sports performance training is a vital part of any athlete’s training regimen, and, when combined with physical therapy, it can really elevate an athlete’s performance to the next level.  For football players, they train to be explosive, quick, strong, fast, and reactive to everything happening on the field. But, if there is an imbalance in their body or dysfunction in their mechanics or movement pattern, their training becomes limited, and their risk of injury on the field increases.
Physical therapists are trained to thoroughly examine an athlete’s strength, body mechanics, and movement patterns in order to optimize their overall performance. Improved performance during training leads to improved performance during a live game, which ultimately leads to a lesser chance of injury. Don’t just wait until you are injured to come to physical therapy, but rather, see how physical therapy can keep you healthy, safe, and on the field. Check out our website to schedule a consultation with one of our physical therapists, and see how we can improve your sports performance and ensure that you stay injury-free.