Physical Therapy Options During the Most Recent COVID Surge

Andrew PT

The most recent COVID surge might make you feel unsettled, confused, or frightened. If you are dealing with physical discomfort or pain, you can still seek out physical therapy treatment.

Here are some options:

In-person physical therapy appointments.

React Physical Therapy facilities are still open in person at all of our Chicago, Wilmette, and Deerfield locations. Current guidelines recommend getting three doses of the vaccination, wearing an N95 mask/double-masking to improve the snugness of your mask if necessary, and maintaining 6 feet of distance whenever possible. We also ask that you cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms, have a pending COVID test, have close contact with a person who tests positive, or test positive yourself. This will protect both you and those around you.

Virtual, telehealth appointments.

If you would rather not attend in person, we offer a telehealth option to evaluate and treat your symptoms. Evaluations are still one hour in duration, and follow-ups are 30 minutes to an hour based on need (determined by your physical therapist). Please check with your insurance provider to discuss whether they cover telehealth visits. We also offer out-of-pocket rates if needed.

Guided maintenance care.

Regardless of whether you’re attending in person or online, physical therapists can help with guided maintenance care, where you may have goals that aren’t deemed “medically necessary” (fitness goals, for example). You can discuss these goals with a physical therapist and develop and execute a plan to reach them. If you have Medicare, these services are covered. If you have private insurance, however, these services are likely not covered and will require you to pay our “out-of-pocket” rates.

This may be a scary time, but if you need support for a physical ailment or simply want to discuss maintaining your fitness while at home, know that React Physical Therapy is here for you. Please reach out if you have any questions, we’re here to help.