Benefits of Post Pregnancy Exercise

Post Pregnancy Walk

Congrats your precious bundle of joy has made his/her arrival! As the saying goes, “It’s all downhill from here” may not be the truth. The new challenges of caring for a newborn while also recovering from one of the most beautiful transitions of the human body are ahead of you. Pending that you had a fairly uncomplicated vaginal delivery, it is suggested that you can begin exercise as soon as you feel ready. (It is important that you check in with your OBGYN to get clearance on an exercise prior to beginning) Remember to be realistic with your goals and objectives for the exercise. Everyone heals and responds differently. This is a new you and a body that may seem foreign to you. Take your time and slowly ramp up as needed. Remember to be kind to yourself and do something you enjoy! Let’s discuss some benefits and tips for returning to exercise post-pregnancy!

Benefits of exercise post-pregnancy:

  • Improve cardiovascular endurance
  • Promote weight loss
  • Improve strength
  • Increase energy
  • Relieve stress/ reduce depression
  • Improve sleep

Tips to begin exercise:

  • Take time to warm up and cool down
  • Begin with light-moderate exercise and ramp up slowly
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Do an activity that you enjoy
  • Take this exercise time as YOU time
  • Wear comfortable clothing and supportive bra and pad if needed

Exercises to consider:

  • Walking 30 min/day at moderate intensity x3-5 days/wk
    • Moderate intensity = get your heart rate up and begin to sweat- should be able to talk while walking
  • Light-moderate resistance exercises (can use resistance bands for increased effort)
    • Bodyweight sit-to-stands
    • Bridges
    • Planks
    • Clams
    • Dead bugs

Remember 20-30 minutes of exercise daily. Lean into your friends, activities that you enjoy, and take time for yourself! Even 10 minutes a day will give you great health and mental benefits!