Protect your Climb with Physical Therapy

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Climbing is a growing sport throughout the Chicago-land area. It is an amazing way to exercise and gain functional strength all while having a blast doing it. It is a beautiful display of creativity, full-body mobility, strength, endurance, agility, balance, and mental control. However, the sport comes with a strong demand for the strength of muscles & tendons, as well as the ability to absorb force to safely return to the ground when bouldering.

If climbers are not progressing their frequency and intensity of climbs appropriately, injuries can happen. Some injuries common to climbers include overuse injuries to muscle or tendons of hands/wrists/forearms/shoulders and traumatic injuries to hip/knee/ankle from falls. It is best to address aches & pains quickly before they prevent you from climbing.

A physical therapist can help provide a comprehensive evaluation to clean up any risk factors and rehabilitate any injury that has occurred.