React Physical Therapy: Release Your Restrictions

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One of the core principles of the Reavy Method© is releasing restrictions. What that means in its simplest terms is applying our hands-on technique to your soft tissue and your muscles to allow those muscles to lengthen and function properly.

When our patients come in for example with knee pain a lot of times they think let’s just look at that knee, that’s our source of the pain. What most don’t realize is there are a lot of connecting pieces that we need to look at; how does the foot and ankle move, how does your pelvis move, the hip and ankle are more free-floating joints they have more directional planes than just the straight bending and straightening of the knee. Our expert hands-on, whole-body care provides our patients with faster, and lasting relief.

Life is too short to live in pain, here at React PT we can help you not only get out of pain but live that healthy, balanced lifestyle so you can get on with your daily life pain-free.

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