Strategies to Achieve Your Workout Goals in 2021

Workout Goals (1)

Most of us are very eager for 2020 to pass and start fresh in 2021. Though the challenges of Covid-19 may not be over, it will still feel good knowing that 2020 will be behind us soon. And with a new year, comes new year’s resolutions.

Typically, the first week of a new year involves a massive influx of gym memberships and peaks in attendance in all types of fitness industries. Many people want to get their year started on the right foot and improve their fitness levels. Unfortunately for many, these workout routines and fitness goals die off pretty quickly. Keeping up with lifestyle changes can be difficult and falling into old habits can just be too tempting. 

To help you stick with your resolutions for 2021, here are a few strategies that will help:

1. Set Realistic Goals and Be Patient

Oftentimes, people set themselves up for failure by trying to keep up with an intense workout regimen and after 1-2 weeks, their bodies are worn out. To prevent this, take some time, and set a realistic schedule. Pick 3 days to perform moderate-to-vigorous intensity work-outs of your choosing. Then enjoy the days in between and let your body rest.

2. Recognize the Importance of Sleep and Diet

It is nearly impossible to keep up with training routines if you are not getting appropriate amounts of sleep. Sleeping allows for our body to recharge and to heal. If you are not getting enough sleep, you will find it very difficult to maintain healthy habits. Eating healthy is also essential to achieving fitness goals. If you eat healthier, your body is going to feel better and will help you stay motivated in getting to the gym

3. Just Go!

Half the battle to keeping up with routines is getting yourself to go to the gym/pilates studio/etc. Some days are going to be harder than others and everyone has those days where they just don’t feel like getting up and going. But those days you do go, you realize by the end of your work out that it was so worth it! Recognize that simply going to the gym is an obstacle and remember how much better you will feel if you can just motivate yourself to go. Not every workout has to be 60 minutes; just get to the gym and spend as much time as you feel is sufficient. Some are better than none!

4. Join a Class or Find a Workout Buddy!

Keeping up with training routines can be difficult. Having a friend, trainer, or group to encourage you will make a huge difference.

5. Listen to your body

If you begin a workout routine and you continuously feel exhausted the next day, you are overdoing it. If you try to push through this, I promise you it will either end in injury or non-compliance. You should feel better the day after a workout. If you don’t ease back in what you’re doing (reduce miles, reduce the intensity, lower your weights). Listen to your body and if something feels wrong, it probably is.