4 Quick Tips for Returning to Exercise from a PT

Return to Exercise
1. Set Realistic Goals No need to be a hero when first returning to exercise! Setting realistic and obtainable goals throughout
Hip Stretch
A tight and weak hip flexor muscle can be a contributor to low back and hip pain. When they’re tight, they
Hip Hinge
The hip hinge: Arguably one of the most important movements to learn to do well. It’s the “lift with your legs,
Exercise YT
Recently the World Health Organization released guidelines for physical exercise for people of all ages. For adults aged 18-64, the recommendations are
Flat Feet YT (1)
If you are experiencing flat feet when weight-bearing, then try these exercises to help strengthen and correct the arches of your
There are lots of benefits of using resistance bands for exercising.  Michele Schultz, PT, DPT shares some of her top benefits
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