Upgrade Your Plank

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Want to upgrade your plank? Try this variation

The bear crawl position is a very effective exercise that will work your whole body. This position will make you recruit primarily your abdominals, quads, and shoulder musculature; though many other muscles will be involved as well. It will test your endurance and improve your cardiovascular fitness. A huge plus is that it requires no equipment, so you can do it just about anywhere.


Keep your body completely stable while bracing your core and pushing through your arms and feet. Your back should remain flat the entire time. Hold as long as you can or until you start to feel yourself leaning or sinking towards the ground, no cheating!

Too Easy?

If it’s too easy, try lifting one leg or one arm, without sacrificing your form! Good luck!

Bear Crawl Hold
Bear Crawl + Arm Lift
Bear Crawl + Leg Lift