Wake Up Those Sleepy Glutes

Glutes YT
The gluteal complex includes some of the largest and strongest muscles in the body. However, they can be a tricky muscle group to strengthen. Many times, our body prefers to compensate for hip weakness by overusing our back, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Overusing these smaller, less powerful muscles can create muscle imbalances that lead to pain and tightness in the low back, hips, or legs.
Strong glutes can help:
Prevent injuries
Improve posture
Improve balance
Enhance athletic performance
Let’s wake up those sleepy glutes by engaging in some exercises for glute activation! These are great to do prior to your usual exercise routine or prior to starting your day to keep those glutes engaged all day.
🍑 Prone leg lift: make sure to squeeze glut first then lift the leg
🍑 Sidelying leg lift: bend bottom leg for stability then lift your top leg diagonally up and behind your body, keeping your hip rolled forward the whole time
🍑 Bridge: remember to squeeze glutes together at the top of your bridge
🍑 Hip thrust: at home, you can use a couch, ottoman, or Swiss ball if you don’t have an exercise bench

Remember to avoid any low back arching by engaging your core during each exercise.