What is Physical Therapy?

PT Blog

Have you often wondered what a physical therapist does? Well, you are not alone as this is the case with a lot of our patients that have never had to utilize our services before.
Simply put, the job of the physical therapist is to evaluate and treat an individual that presents with some form of limiting behavior. That limitation may or may not be a result of injury or pain. This includes the acute (short duration pain) ankle sprain or the bout of persistent/chronic low back pain that has been bothering someone for years.
Our job as physical therapists is to listen to your story, gather information about why your body may be in pain, and formulate a game plan with your goals and input in order to reduce pain, improve mobility, increase range of motion and strength and instill the confidence to get you back to doing what you love.
We are not here to “fix” your problems but rather help you gain the knowledge of how to help self-manage your symptoms once your time with us is complete. That time frame will be different for everyone based on what you may be experiencing so there is no specific solution or one size fits all approach for everyone.
We are unique at React because we use a 1-on-1, full-body approach to analyzing why your body is not operating to the fullest potential. We will then use our hands-on technique to balance your body so that you are ready to strengthen and improve your ability to withstand what life throws at you.