What To Expect During an Initial Evaluation

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Have you suddenly found yourself in pain? Or have you been in pain for a while, and don’t know what to do about it? For most cases of musculoskeletal or neuromuscular pain, physical therapy is the place to start! A course of physical therapy is a journey. Like all journeys, a plan must be set in place in order to understand where you want to go, and how you will achieve it.

What to expect during a PT Initial Evaluation

The first appointment with a physical therapist at React is called the Initial Evaluation. The initial evaluation is an hour-long appointment in which the physical therapist gets a sense of what is going on, how your pain has come about, and what to do about it.
An initial evaluation first consists of a conversation between the therapist and patient about the condition, followed by a series of tests and measurements in order to identify the source of pain. More often than not, where the pain is felt is not necessarily the source of pain, but just an area that suffers due to a faulty system.

In order to identify where the problem starts, the therapist will likely perform a combination of the following:

◾ Alignment Analysis
◽ Palpation
◾ Range of Motion/Mobility Measurements
◽ Strength Testing
◾ Functional Movement Analysis
◽ Neurological Screening
◾ Balance Testing
With the information gained from the initial evaluation, the therapist will explain what they believe to be contributing to your condition. Following the evaluation, the therapist can begin constructing an individualized treatment plan in order to get you back on track. They will explain the expected course of treatment, set goals in place, and homework for you to start with. Depending on the complexity of your condition and time left during the appointment, the therapist might begin with treatment or discuss the next steps.