What To Expect With A Telehealth Appointment

Telehealth Blog

Many aspects of our lives have changed during the pandemic in order for us to stay safe. To accommodate, we are offering physical therapy services via telehealth. This gives us an opportunity to assess your symptoms and advise you through the safety of video chat.
Although it may seem odd to receive physical therapy via a video chat, there is much that we can do to help you via telehealth. Even without being in person, we are able to determine movement impairments, posture, and areas of weakness. If you schedule a telehealth appointment, you can expect your physical therapist to ask you to perform different movements to see what is painful. They use this as an opportunity to check your movement and flexibility. This will give us information about how best you can reduce your pain on your own.
After performing these movements, the physical therapist can provide you with guidance on what exercises will help. The exercises may include stretching, mobilizing your own joints to promote movement, or strength training. Through the video chat, they will be able to correct your form and help you to best use the space you have at home to do these exercises. To help with this, it is best to have any exercise equipment close, such as foam rollers or exercise bands. The therapist will also help you understand what is happening and if further treatment or in-person evaluation is necessary.
We hope this helps you gather an understanding of what you can expect during telehealth and we look forward to guiding you to manage your pain through video chat!