Why Choose Us?

Have you ever tweaked your back when all you did was bend down? Or feel your knee give out even though nothing hit it? Do you have numbness or tingling sensation in your arm when pouring your cup of coffee? Have you ever experienced shooting pain in the arch of your foot when simply walking in your home? 

Why do these happen?

Because Where it Hurts isn’t Always Why it Hurts

Your body’s muscles, bones and joints (ie: “parts”) all connect to one or more other muscles and joints. Even parts that don’t directly touch are still connected because every part is connected to some other part. Your body is one interconnected machine.

When a part experiences too much load, stress, or strain, your body has a range of reactions, from compensation to injury. Because everything is connected, the effects of compensating or injury can travel throughout your body and create new pain close to, or far away from, the root cause.

In other words, where it hurts isn’t always why it hurts.

We know this. We train our physical therapists to find the root cause of your pain. They’ll search up and down, left and right until they find it.

Many other physical therapists assume that the root cause of pain is where the pain is, or nearby. They seem to miss that your body’s parts are all connected, and that’s a big difference.

How else are we different?

We Use The Reavy Method© With All Patients

At React, we use The Reavy Method©, our proprietary three stage system for treating patients:


1. Assessment

We start with a thorough, body-wide assessment to find the root cause of your pain.


2. Treatment

We use manual and exercise therapies. Our physical therapists choose the best of both depending on the root cause of pain. What’s more, we reassess progress frequently, both during a treatment session and across sessions.


3. Movement

We educate you on how to move properly in order to stay pain free.

We make sure we spend enough time at each stage. We never slim stages down or skip them.

The Reavy Method© Brings the Right Techniques to the Job

Our physical therapists are trained in a variety of both manual techniques and exercise techniques. They choose the best ones depending on what your case needs. Every patient’s root cause is different, and it takes a unique combination of techniques to treat. Many other physical therapists are trained to favor manual or exercise regardless of what your pain is.

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We Never Double Book

At React, you’ll always be treated one-on-one with your treating therapist. What’s more, we never double book your time slot. Your appointment block is yours alone.

With the Reavy Method© You’ll Learn How To Stay Pain Free

As we find and treat the root cause, we’re teaching you how to stay pain free. Many of our patients tell us that they really like this education, and that it helps them stay pain free and not relapse. That’s the whole point, right? We’re sure that many other physical therapy practices also show their patients how to maintain their treatments, but since we know that many of those offices don’t treat the root cause, we know that their education won’t last.

We’re Hungry Students

We devote a healthy budget each year to continuing education for our physical therapists, well above the accepted industry minimum per physical therapist. Our field keeps evolving, and we’ve committed to lead the way in what’s new.