Modify your Exercises for an Easier Workout


Unable to perform that TikTok or Instagram workout challenge because it is simply too hard?

There are a lot of exercises floating around the internet and social media. Here are some tips and simple modifications you can use to make the exercises easier.

Use less weight. 

The easiest way to make an exercise easier is to lessen the resistance. Go down in weight for your dumbbells. Use the next band down. Remove a plate. Remember you can challenge yourself with more weight, but your muscles and your body do have limits to what they can work against! 

Bring the weight closer to your body.

Moving a weight farther from your body makes the muscles work harder to hold it away from you. So try decreasing the distance you’re working with by bringing the resistance closer the muscle you’re working. For example, the leg lifts below will be easier if the feet are brought closer to the body. 

Change position. 

If an exercise is hard in one position, try changing your body around to complete the same exercise. Move into a gravity-assisted position for more ease, which lets gravity help you with the movement. This may require some reconfiguring of your space and equipment, so get crafty! 

The triceps extensions in the first set of photos are gravity-assisted (easier) because gravity will help the triceps pull the band. The triceps extension in the second set are against gravity (harder) because the triceps will fight gravity to band. 

If you’re ever unsure about a new exercise, always try it without any weight or resistance first to see how it feels on your body – no weight can be a good starting point too. And if the new social media trends are a little too much, you can apply these tips to the exercises you have already been performing.

Some exercises are easier to modify than others.

There is a ton of new and innovative exercises to spice up your workout routine, but sometimes the tried and true is the best way to go. Stay safe and listen to your body!