Staff & Experience

We work with patients of all fitness levels, from professional athletes to beginners. In addition to an extensive wealth of training, education, and years of hands-on experience, our world-class physical therapy team is certified in the Reavy Method© and ready to deliver whole-body relief and strength.

Our Philosophy

Physical therapy isn’t a race. It takes time, commitment, and focus to eliminate the source of pain and rebuild health. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions because your body is one of a kind. Together, we’ll reignite the strength and mobility you need to get back to the things you love.

woman holding massage ball between shoulder blades woman holding massage ball between shoulder blades

We Provide you with

  • Personalized Treatment
  • Quality 1-on-1 Time
  • Over 81 years experience

Our Team

David Reavy, Founder

A lifelong athlete, David saw his world turn upside down after a car crash. After he was unable to regain his previous level of function through traditional physical therapy, it ultimately challenged him to think beyond his limitations, become a physical therapist, and develop the Reavy Method©, our revolutionary, whole-body approach to healing.

woman running on trail woman running on trail

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Schedule a free 15-minute pain or injury assessment with React, and receive personalized treatment recommendations from one of our expert physical therapists.

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