Pec Tightness and Rounded Shoulders


The Pectoralis Major and Minor are two muscles at the front of our chests that help move our arms and shoulders. These muscles are commonly tight and can lead to poor posture. The pec minor in particular is a big culprit in bringing our shoulders into a rounded position when it is tight. This is due to the fact that it attaches to a part of our shoulder blades that reaches over the rib cage called the coracoid process.

A tight pec minor will pull forward on the shoulder blade. This forward position makes it difficult for important muscles of our back to work properly. For the many of you that work desk jobs, you may find it useful to incorporate a pec stretch into your mobility program. A seated position at a computer often contributes to a tight pec minor or major.

Check out this video below for a simple way to stretch your pecs at home!