Stairs, the Overlooked Exercise Equipment

Stair Workout

We might think of stairs as just an obstacle between us and our beds after a long day, but they can also be a great piece of equipment for your workout. Here are a few exercise ideas and the muscles that they target. 

  • Step-ups: quads and glutes 
  • Forward and lateral step-downs: quads
    • Forward step-downs are harder 
  • Step-backs: glutes 
  • Elevated hamstring bridges: hamstrings 
  • Incline and decline push-ups: chest and triceps
    • Decline push-ups are harder 
  • Incline and decline planks and side planks: abdominals
    • Decline planks are harder 
  • Calf raises: calves
    • Challenge yourself with single-leg calf raises 
  • Walking or running up and down: cardio 
  • Stretches
    • Hip flexor and quad 
    • Hamstring 
    • Adductor 
    • Calf