What is Vestibular?


Saying the word Vestibular is referring to the Vestibular system.  

The vestibular system is located in your “inner ear”. 

The Vestibular system’s role is to maintain clear vision with gazing, maintain stability to limbs during head movements, and maintain spatial orientation. 

You can develop dysfunction in the vestibular system from a variety of causes: toxins, diseases, autoimmune diseases, infection, injury, and even just plain aging. 

There are three diagnoses of peripheral vestibular disorders: 

1. unilateral vestibular hypofunction

2. bilateral vestibular hypofunction

3. benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

These can cause symptoms including vertigo(dizziness) and loss of balance. This can then lead to feeling nauseous, having headaches, and having difficulties with performing daily activities. 

Physical Therapy can help these peripheral dysfunctions and retrain the vestibular system to decrease symptoms of dizziness. 

It is important to get diagnosed and given proper interventions to address what is going on. We can provide specific maneuvers to address positional vertigo. We can also provide exercises to strengthen the vestibular system which will improve balance.