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For many people, it’s not easy to go straight to running—it’s a high-intensity activity with repetitive pounding on our bodies (think
Andrew PT
The most recent COVID surge might make you feel unsettled, confused, or frightened. If you are dealing with physical discomfort or
Stair Workout
We might think of stairs as just an obstacle between us and our beds after a long day, but they can
Concussion (1)
Did you know that you can get physical therapy after a concussion (AKA mild traumatic brain injury)? At React Physical Therapy,
Hip Stretch
A tight and weak hip flexor muscle can be a contributor to low back and hip pain. When they’re tight, they
Stretching Post Workout
You’ve just finished a strenuous workout—you might have run a few miles, lifted a few weights, swam a lap or two—but
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