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Concussion (1)
Did you know that you can get physical therapy after a concussion (AKA mild traumatic brain injury)? At React Physical Therapy,
Hip Stretch
A tight and weak hip flexor muscle can be a contributor to low back and hip pain. When they’re tight, they
Stretching Post Workout
You’ve just finished a strenuous workout—you might have run a few miles, lifted a few weights, swam a lap or two—but
Do you have upper back or shoulder stiffness? Try some of these home exercises to improve your upper-body mobility and strengthen
YT Thanksgiving Feast (1)
Another successful Thanksgiving: Your stomach is filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, and you’re lying on the couch in
How Not To Get Hurt Tackle Football
Happy Thanksgiving! If you’ve done a cost-benefit analysis and decided to meet up with loved ones this year, you may be
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