Whole Body Care

Ankle Sprain
Ankle sprains have a high prevalence in the general population (61 sprains per 10,000 persons each year) and account for 30%
Release (1)
One of the core principles of the Reavy Method© is releasing restrictions. What that means in its simplest terms is applying
Lat Mobility Horizontal
For anyone out there who feels their shoulders are always tight and have a hard time getting into overhead positions, you
TMJ Horizontal
Jaw pain can be unbearably debilitating. Imagine: you have knee pain. You may be able to avoid activities that aggravate the
Andrew PT
The most recent COVID surge might make you feel unsettled, confused, or frightened. If you are dealing with physical discomfort or
Stair Workout
We might think of stairs as just an obstacle between us and our beds after a long day, but they can
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