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Student PT
If you've ever been to a physical therapy clinic, you may have encountered a student working alongside the physical therapist you came to see. What does this mean for your treatment and what is the role of the student PT?
Desk Ergonomics Title
Proper ergonomics in the workplace can reduce the risk of pain and injury while often improving performance and productivity!
Unable to perform that TikTok or Instagram workout challenge because it is simply too hard? There are a lot of exercises floating around the internet and social media. Here are some tips and simple modifications you can use to make the exercises easier.
The squat movement is a huge part of your daily life: standing from a chair, getting something out of the bottom cabinet in your kitchen, or just playing with your kids. The perfect squat is a functional exercise that engages multiple muscle chains in one move. Basically, it's your full-body “bread and butter.”
The Vestibular system’s role is to maintain clear vision with gazing, maintain stability to limbs during head movements, and maintain spatial orientation.  You can develop dysfunction in the vestibular system from a variety of causes: toxins, diseases, autoimmune diseases, infection, injury, and even just plain aging.
There are three “basic” balance activities that we use not only to test balance, but to practice with too! Progressions: Ways
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