Our treatments are all about you: your pain, your care, your recovery.
Our physical therapists work with you to:

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+ Find the Cause

We treat symptoms at the source while balancing the whole body for lasting results.

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+ Deliver Hands-on Care

We personalize treatment plans to you,
for in-depth, individualized healing.

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+ Build Lasting Success

We educate you on how to achieve
ongoing mobility, strength, and health.

Our Treatments

Once we diagnose your symptoms, we’ll create a customized treatment plan from our comprehensive physical therapy services.

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Physical Therapy

Traditional physical therapy focuses on treating the point of injury, but thanks to our founder David Reavy, we’ve pushed beyond those limitations with the Reavy Method©, a proprietary approach that activates your entire body. By focusing on surrounding muscle groups as well the point of pain, you’ll experience more natural motions and better overall health, releasing restrictions through hands-on healing and personalized care.

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+ Vestibular Therapy

If you suffer from dizziness, vertigo, motion sensitivity, instability, or have a history of falling, our comprehensive rehabilitation program will help you find solid footing.

Learn More About Vestibular Therapy

If you’re looking to restore pelvic floor strength postpartum or need help with other life-limiting symptoms, our women’s health program will revitalize your body.

Learn More About Women’s Health

Dry needling complements physical therapy by targeting the musculoskeletal and nervous system in different ways for deeper pain relief.

Learn More About Dry Needling

Our anatomy-based massage therapies include deep tissue, trigger point, prenatal, myofascial, and sports-specific massage. Working alongside our physical therapists, our massage therapist offers thoughtful, targeted treatment towards your recovery.
West Loop location only

Learn More About Massage Therapy

Get back in the game and prolong your career using strength-building techniques that keep you healthy, balanced, and ready to play.
Travel PT available for pro athletes

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Free Pain or Injury Assessment

Schedule a free 15-minute pain or injury assessment with React, and receive personalized treatment recommendations from one of our expert physical therapists.

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