We continue our journey through common running injuries by exploring Achilles tendonitis. This particular injury is the second most common injury experienced by habitual runners.
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One of the most common injuries seen in basketball are ankle sprains. Approximately, 90% of ankle sprains occur on the lateral (outside) aspect of the ankle...
Ankle Sprain
Ankle sprains have a high prevalence in the general population (61 sprains per 10,000 persons each year) and account for 30%
Ottawa Rule
Have you sprained your ankle so bad that it hurts or is bruised so badly that you aren’t sure whether you
High Ankle
Jerry Jeudy, Dalvin Cook, we’ve seen a lot of nasty high ankle injuries already this season.  How does a high ankle
Ankle Sprain Blog
Ankle sprains can be detrimental to an athlete’s performance, and recovery can range from weeks to months, to even a year for
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